ACH-Wire Vision

Blocks files with these kinds of issues:

  • Man-In-The-Browser and Corporate Account Takeover Attacks
  • SEC Code Prohibitions and Limits
  • Duplicate File and Batch detection
  • Unscheduled File Detection based on Calendaring rules
  • Unfunded Returns Risk exposure
  • Disallowed Keywords
  • Phishing Detection
  • Non-compliance with ACH Network Rules

ACH Vision is the gate keeper to a financial institution’s ACH Processor and hence, risk. Using a variety of business rule configurations, an institution can decide how much ACH risk to accept. Based on a history of ACH files, ACH Vision will generate a default set of risk settings.

Once the risk monitoring rules are in place, ACH Vision will put a hold on any file that violates those rules and prompts the financial institution for next steps. This allows the institution to focus on files that are deemed risky, pre-empting the need to examine every file before it enters the ACH network.

Further, ACH Vision provides excellent Audit and Reporting tools. Every configuration change requires dual authorization. All file approvals or rejections are logged and available in easy to print reports. With ACH Vision the ACH traffic audits become a simple matter of running the necessary reports.