ACH Risk Monitoring and Compliance Suite

Capture. Control. Communicate.

  • Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Management
  • In-Depth Control of your ACH Business
  • High Risk File Filters
  • Audit Support

Laru Technologies provides a wide variety of tools to monitor and contain ACH risk. Laru’s products provide independent audit systems in accordance with OCC guidance and bring a new level of business intelligence to risk analysis.

ACH-Wire Clarity

At the core of Laru’s ability to provide ACH risk and compliance management is the ACH Clarity database and proprietary business intelligence methodology. ACH Clarity uses analytical processing technology to facilitate quick and easy access to critical data for query and analysis. This helps isolate problems and identifies what is causing them.

ACH-Wire Vision

With the knowledge of the ACH Network problems, the next step is to block problem transactions based on configurable business rules. ACH Vision allows blocking of ACH Files for a wide variety of calendaring, risk and fraud based parameters. This helps focus on files that need review. Blocks may be configured based on non-permissible SEC Code and limit checks, calendaring rules, new receiver checks, duplicate file checks and much, much more!


This simple yet powerful utility lets you edit and manage your ACH Files correctly and easily.

If you need to create a NACHA file from scratch, FileFox lets you quickly create any kind of transaction supported by the NACHA format. Customizable defaults and NACHA-aware editing tools make it easy to create valid NACHA files, and powerful validation tools give you confidence that your file meets all standards before it is sent.