Laru Corporation Introduces ACH Compliance Software for Businesses

EL DORADO HILLS, Calif., Mar. 7, 2008 — Laru Corporation, a provider of ACH risk and compliance management software applications for financial institutions, announced the release of its new ACH FileFox Standard™ product. The product enables businesses to originate federally compliant ACH files and verify all business rules, data formats and report issues prior to submission.

"ACH FileFox Standard works with any existing ACH system, and any business originating ACH transactions can realize the benefits," said Ben Waidhofer, chief executive officer of Laru Corporation. "The features of this product enable businesses to create and verify ACH files for compliance with NACHA, ABA, IAT and OFAC compliance. Once ACH File Fox Standard generates the ACH files for submission to the bank, there is very low risk that the file will be rejected or have issues requiring intervention from the bank."

ACH FileFox Standard integrates into enterprise accounting systems and complements ACH Clarity™, Laru's ACH risk and compliance management software used by financial institutions to monitor ACH traffic. Using ACH FileFox Standard, a business can manage its ACH files and ensure their submissions are compliant with NACHA standards and regulations. By ensuring compliance prior to submitting ACH files to a financial institution, businesses significantly reduce the risk of errors downstream. ACH FileFox Standard contains the same core features of ACH FileFox Professional, Laru's product for financial institutions that assists operations staff and auditors in researching ACH file contents and resolving ACH transaction issues.

Laru's line of products includes ACH Clarity, ACH FileFox Professional and ACH FileFox Standard. ACH FileFox Standard is engineered using Microsoft .Net standards and is a stand-alone Windows application. ACH FileFox Standard can be ordered through Laru's Web site and costs $295.

  • Posted: March 07, 2008