Laru Corporation to Introduce ACH Vision at Payments 2010

Laru offers real time ACH monitoring for ODFIs to solve man-in-the-browser attacks.

Laru Corporation announced that it will showcase its latest product, ACH Vision, at NACHA’s Payments 2010 conference in Seattle.

ACH Vision will enable ODFIs and non- bank third party senders (TPS) to stop fraudulent and erroneous ACH transactions from entering the ACH network. ODFIs and TPS will be able to define custom rules using ACH Vision’s versatile rule kit or accept out-of-the-box defaults to quarantine potentially problematic transactions, such as fraudulent transactions, restricted SEC codes, irregularly scheduled payments or amounts, duplicate files etc.

By leveraging the knowledge from past transactions and application of Laru’s patent pending business intelligence methodology, ACH Vision will automatically alert the ODFI to possible man-in-the-browser and corporate account take over schemes by comparing all new ACH payments to previously processed transactions.

According to Elliott McEntee, former NACHA CEO and Laru consultant, ”man in the browser and corporate computer takeover are some of the biggest problems facing ACH participants”. These problems have resulted in significant losses to banks and their customers and expensive litigation.

The Bancorp Bank of Wilmington, DE is currently testing the beta version of Vision. Bancorp's SVP, Terrence Crowley, said “Laru’s Vision product is the most comprehensive ACH risk management tool that we have seen in the marketplace."

“Having mastered the ACH risk assessment, measurement and management problem, we have now shifted our focus to control of problem transactions, including on-line fraud scenarios,” said Rajiv Donde, President at Laru. “We at Laru believe financial institutions can make better use of limit models and calendaring rules to cap their risk exposure, and have included these capabilities in the product.” ACH Vision combined with ACH Clarity is the complete risk management solution for financial institutions today.

ACH Vision works seamlessly with Laru’s other products, ACH Clarity and ACH FileFox and fits in line with the financial institution’s ACH processing pipeline; hence no complex system integration is required.

  • Posted: April 21, 2010