Among its many features, FileFox provides:

  • Comprehensive verification of an ACH file against NACHA formatting and
    business rules, including verification of DFI routing numbers.
  • Verification of receiver names against the OFAC's SDN list. IAT entries are
    verified using the full fidelity receiver and originator information that is
    present in IAT entries.
  • Automatic repair of many common ACH file errors, including incorrect
    batch totals and hashes, improper file padding, inconsistent values in batch control record, and many other types of errors.
  • Convert transaction data between the NACHA format and a wide variety
    of text formats, including Excel CSV files.
  • Tools to create ad-hoc returns, split or merge files, and much more.
  • Tools for development or service organizations to create anonymous test
    data - either from "new cloth" or derived from actual ACH transactions.

FileFox is a stand-alone application for directly editing ACH files. It is a comprehensive ACH utility, and can be a complement to any existing ACH core system. Anyone that is involved in ACH, from regulators to corporations and everyone in between, can benefit from using FileFox.

With a host of ACH-specific features, FileFox makes it easy to handle unplanned situations. Whether it’s a truly unusual need, or simply something that your existing ACH software just doesn’t do, FileFox is ready to help. If you need to create a NACHA file from scratch, FileFox lets you quickly create any kind of transaction supported by the NACHA format. Customizable defaults and NACHA-aware editing tools make it easy to create valid NACHA files, and powerful validation tools give you confidence that your file meets all standards before it is sent.

FileFox provides a comprehensive "toolbox" of features that can be used by originators, ODFIs and RDFIs to view and edit NACHA-formatted files.