Laru Software Deployment Options

Streamlining the software deployment and update process while ensuring compliance and version dependencies are met.

Laru offers two powerful deployment options to choose from so that financial institutions have the avility to match operational needs with an equivalent solution. Either software installation option can be configured to match the needs and specifications of the financial institution.

Laru SaaS is the ultimate solution for providing complete network management, automating recurring IT tasks and aligning IT with business goals from a reliable and secure web-based platform.

SaaS provides financial institutions with a service that delivers all of the ACH functionality needed, with minimum up-front investment. Laru hosts and manages the hardware and software at a central site that is available via a Web connection. The financial institution feeds ACH transactions to this central server via a secure file transfer and then can access their ACH transaction information as needed.

Implementation and user training is performed by Laru support personnel, freeing up an institution’s IT staff for other high priority projects. ACH Clarity is currently available in a SaaS configuration.

ACH Clarity and ACH Vision can be purchased and installed inside a financial institution’s operations. ACH transactions are simply fed to ACH Clarity or ACH Vision, where they are stored within the database and can be accessed by originations or operations personnel. Laru ACH products provide a separate audit system for ACH transaction tracking, providing institutions with the ability to monitor, analyze and report activities according to their needs.