ACH-Wire Clarity

  • NACHA rules compliance
  • OCC 2006-39
  • KYC & KYCC
  • Unauthorized returns – R7, R10, R29
  • Audit Trails

Clarity ODFI

ACH originations can be an area of significant revenue and profits for a financial institution; however, managing originators requires a balance of risk and reward. ACH Clarity ODFI creates the necessary transparency into ACH transactions that enables management to maximize their profitability from origination relationships while protecting their institution’s capital and making risk manageable.

Volume Monitoring. ACH Clarity ODFI provides ACH origination operations with improved oversight of their originator’s operations by providing increased business intelligence into daily activity. ACH Clarity ODFI provides the information to identify unusual activity, ensures conformance to contractual terms, alerts staff to possible network violations and provides management with trend information for managing relationships. Monitoring of ACH transactions can be performed on a daily or as-desired basis. Reporting can be ad-hoc or pre-scheduled.

ACH Clarity ODFI is especially helpful to ACH departments that are required to report monthly and quarterly activity levels to management and boards of directors. Reports can be produced by SEC code, originator, date, file, trends and other user-defined categories.

Limit Monitoring. A critical part of managing risk inherent in ACH originations is the setting of the proper reserves to protect the financial institution against returns and violations. ACH Clarity ODFI provides comprehensive monitoring of origination and return limits, giving users the ability to manage and adjust limits or reserves as ACH volumes change over time.

Risk Assessment. NACHA has placed an increased emphasis on originating banks with excessive returns. ACH Clarity ODFI provides the capability to monitor returns and better manage NACHA’s 1% unauthorized returns rule as well as reports of returns compared to industry averages.

Network Rules Violation Reporting. ACH Clarity ODFI monitors for network rules violations. Violations can be monitored and reported by originator or RDFI.
Clarity RDFI

The threat of fraud and network violations is increasing as the number of ACH debit transactions processed on the network grows. Customer service operations are tasked with the research, support, and reporting of customer issues but lack sufficient tools to manage the work efficiently.

ACH Clarity RDFI enables customer service organizations to create a safe and secure ACH environment for their customers while reducing the cost of managing inbound ACH traffic. The Volume Monitoring capabilities of ACH Clarity RDFI provide financial institutions with visibility into ACH transaction flow by originator, ODFI and SEC code giving support personnel the tools to detect suspicious or unusual activity that would reveal offending originators, phishing attacks and other network anomalies.

Network Rules Violation Reporting. ACH Clarity RDFI provides all of the systems and intelligence to detect network rules violations. This gives support personnel the ability to identify originating institutions that create problems for their customers. Should there be an investigation into a transaction, the receiving bank has all of the necessary Case Management tools to identify, document and report network violations to offending ODFIs or to NACHA.